PO-100/4: Set of 4 Standard 20" Outriggers. Sold without casters. Casters from stacked section of scaffold also fit outriggers.
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs. per set.

PO-100: Standard 20" Outrigger, sold alone. 
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

Required when platform is 10' or higher from floor. *California OSHA requirement is 7 1/2' from floor.

GKC-6: 6' Guardrail kit complete with toeboards and brackets. For use with 460 and 660 Scaffolds. 
Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.

GK-6: Guardrail kit without toeboards or brackets. 
Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.

Also sold in 4' and 8' lengths (GKC-4, GK-4, GKC-8, GK-8).

Guardrail Component Parts:

GRE-2C: End Frame with Chain Midrail
GRE-2S: End Frame with Solid Midrail
GR-6: 6 ft. long Side Rails
TB-100: Toeboard Brackets
ET-2: Toeboard Ends
TS-6: 6 ft. long Toeboard Sides

Ladders and trusses may be branded with your company name, up to 7 characters per brand. 

Custom Color Powder Coating is also available. 

Please inquire with your distributor.

Gap Plates and Brackets are available to fill the gap between two scaffolds locked side-by-side.

GP-6:  For use with 2 #PB-300 Brackets to fill the gap between two 6 ft. scaffolds.

GP-8:  For use with 2 #PB-300 Brackets to fill the gap between two 8 ft. scaffolds.

PB-300: These brackets work to create a surface platform two scaffolds wide.  Lock the scaffolds side-by-side using two brackets (one at each end), then add a Gap Plate to fill the space. (2 required)

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GKC-6 Shown
GK-6 Shown