440 Classic: 440CL w/o casters
ELITE MODELS: Come with a platform self-positioning mechanism and PIC-5 Elite Heavy Duty Casters, as shown below.
CLASSIC MODELS: Come with brackets for manual platform positioning and PC5B-S Classic Casters, as shown below. An upgrade to the PIC-5 Elite Heavy Duty Caster is available on the Classic Model.
440 Elite: 440EL w/o casters
460 Classic: 460CL w/o casters
460 Elite: 460EL w/o casters
480 Classic: 480CL w/o casters
480 Elite: 480EL w/o casters
PBP: Base Plates also available for all models
640 Classic: 640CL w/o casters
660 Classic: 660CL w/o casters
680 Classic: 680CL w/o casters
640 Elite: 640EL w/o casters
660 Elite: 660EL w/o casters
680 Elite: 680EL w/o casters
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