Available in Elite and Classic Models

Both Elite and Classic Models are available in 6 ft. and 8 ft. lengths, as well as 4 ft. and 6 ft. heights.

Load capacity 1000 lbs.

5” locking casters

Solid steel stack pins secure stacked units

May be stacked to a maximum of 18 ft. when a set of 4 outriggers and a guardrail kit with toeboards are installed.

29-1/2” Wide End Frame Access Ladders, providing safe access to work platforms. The narrow width allows Nu-Wave scaffolds to roll through standard commercial doorways without dismantling.

One person can assemble a basic Nu-Wave scaffold quickly without tools. One person can also adjust platform heights in 4 in. increments in seconds.

Guardrail kits sold separately.
Nu-Wave Manufacturing, LLC manufactures prefabricated Interior Mobile Scaffolds, Guardrail Kits, Outriggers, Mini-Scaffolds, Drywall Carts and Accessories.